Your Wine Store in Florence

Enjoy fine wine, beer, and light lunch while enjoying a spectacular view.

Free Wine Tasting

Thurs. - Fri. - Sat.

First Friday Art Walk

Live Music • Dinner
Shopping • Art

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Tue.–Sat. 10am - 5pm
1300 Bay Street
Florence, OR

Great food and fine wine in the Gallery.

Light Lunches Prepared by Le Bouchon

Looking for a light lunch? We have it. Made perfectly at Le Bouchon packaged to go or to eat here in our comfortable relaxing venue surrounded by fine art and spectacular views.

Cookies, Pastries, and Fresh Coffee

All of the amazing fresh cookies, fresh pastries, and pie are here. Make it your morning routine to come and visit us to read a paper have some great conversation. While you eat delectable treats and enjoy freshly brewed coffee. We are your new morning stop before the rest of your day.

A Refined Selection of Wines

Not Your Grocery Store Varieties

We take great care in the selection of our wines. Our wine expert Bryan, has helped to make our wines an adventure on the palate. We have local, regional and international wines for you to savor. Whether your favorite is an Oregon Pinot Noir, California Chardonnay, or Sparkling Wine from Spain you will be able to find it here.

Winner of $10 Off a Bottle of Wine

Tia Menser

Our lucky winner has won $10 Off a Bottle of Wine.
$10 Off is a monthly prize drawing for subscribers of Riverfront Cuisine.
If you'd like to subscribe, fill out a Guest Card at the Waterfront Wine Store.

International Provisions

We have the most unique selection of gourmet provisions to make your next dinner an International adventure.

Imported Pastas - Condiments - Gourmet Cheese