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Rosés & Sparkling Rosés

Rosés have become very popular in America over the past few years, especially during the warm months of the year. Believe it or not, they are even more popular in France than white wine. Rosés are perfectly suited for enjoying at the park, beach, or backyard cookout. They add that little extra something to your glass and your fun.

But how are Rosés created? Most of us don’t know how they are made or where some of the best Rosés comes from. A common misconception is that Rosés  are made by mixing red wine with white wine. In fact, this is a process that most winemakers dislike and do not support. So this is how they do it. All grape juice is white. Whether the grapes are green or red, the color of the wine is dependent on the amount of time the winemaker allows the grape skins to come into contact with the juice. The longer the contact, the more the color the wine attains. So they allow the skins enough contact with the grape juice to get that perfect pink color, typically two or three days. This also gives Rosés that extra touch of flavor.

You could say the capital of this wine would be Provence. The Provence wine region of France creates more Rosés than any other style of wine, and because they make so much of it they are really good at it. We are fortunate here in the Pacific Northwest to have so many local wineries producing Rosés that are as good if not better than some imported from Provence. The great thing about Rosés is they are available at many different prices, and you can find some amazing bargains.

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Looking for a special wine? Looking to save a bit on it too? Look No Further.

We have amazing wines available for just $10. These are not clearance wines but selections our suppliers have too much of or special picks we bring in for you to enjoy and try. Our selection changes often. Come in and see what surprise awaits.

Fruit Wines and Meads

Did you know we have a great selection of fruit wines and meads? These wines will give your lunch or late afternoon wine with friends a special touch. We have a selection of local and regional varieties to choose from.


Great food and fine wine in the Wine Store.

Light Lunches Prepared by Le Bouchon

Looking for a light lunch? We have it. Made perfectly at Le Bouchon packaged to go or to eat here in our comfortable relaxing venue surrounded by fine art and spectacular views.

Cookies, Pastries, and Fresh Coffee

All of the amazing fresh cookies, fresh pastries, and pies are here. Make it your morning routine to visit us to read a paper or share in a great conversation while you eat delectable treats and enjoy freshly brewed coffee. We are your new morning stop before the rest of your day.

A Refined Selection of Wines

Not Your Grocery Store Varieties

We take great care in the selection of our wines. We have local, regional, and international wines for you to savor. The Wine Store also features a wide selection of Organic wines. So, whether your favorite is an Oregon Pinot Noir, California Chardonnay, or Sparkling Wine from Spain, you will be able to find it here.

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International Provisions

We have the most unique selection of gourmet provisions to make your next dinner an International adventure.

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